How to buy $DOGEPOTTER on Unicrypt

Follow this simple guide to buy on Unicrypt with Metamask or TrustWallet

1.First step - the wallet

In order yo buy on Unicrypt website you need a wallet. The most famous and easiest to use are Metamask and Trustwallet. Metamask is better for Desktop PC, and Trustwallet is for mobile devices.

To install Metamask, follow one of these guides

To install Trustwallet follow this tutorial

2. Second step - add funds

$DOGEPOTTER tokens can be purchased with BNB coins. So if you want to partecipate in the sale, you need BNB coins in your Metamask or Trustwallet wallet. You can esaily send BNB coins to your wallet from any Exchange like Binance, paying attention to use BEP20 network !

3. Third step - buy $DOGEPOTTER

Open Trustwallet app and within the dapp tab go to the sale url. Shortcut for trustwallet, use this link:

Open you browser and go to the sale url and connect your wallet (be sure to use Binance Smart Chain Mainnet).

Then, choose the BNB coin amount you want to swap for $DOGEPOTTER tokens, it has to be between 0.1 and 5 BNB. Then click the green button “PURCHASE”, and your wallet will popup asking for confirmation. Accept the transaction and wait until is complete.

4. Claim $DOGEPOTTER tokens

When the sale will be completed, after the end date of 20th of July 22UTC and if the softcap will be reached, the DogePotter Team will finalize the sale, and you will be able to claim your $DOGEPOTTER tokens, by going to the sale url and clicking the “CLAIM” token button. After that your $DOGEPOTTER tokens will be in your wallet and you can start play or trade them on PancakeSwap !

Remember to add the token address to your wallet in order to see them !